Tips To Extend the Life of Your Commercial Carpet Flooring

Commercial carpets are durable, economical, high quality and can withstand heavy traffic. They are widely used in office buildings, hospitals, airports, restaurants, educational institutions and hotels due to their pleasing nature. However, coffee spills, food stains, grease, tracked-in dirt and other factors significantly diminish the carpet’s appearance. In order to protect the life of the carpet and maintain its pleasant appearance, you must adopt a routine carpet cleaning program. With consistent maintenance, you can extend the life of the carpet and protect the aesthetic appeal of your building.

Regular Vacuuming:

Regular vacuuming is extremely crucial to upkeep the life of your commercial carpets. Take a steady vacuuming process over the carpet to pick up those loose debris and particles. Leaving behind the debris can cause damage to the fibers and even shorten the life of the carpet. So, the high traffic areas should be vacuumed every day while the moderate traffic areas should be addressed twice a week.

Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective and the fastest ways to clean and restore all types of commercial carpets. When you choose this cleaning method, you can add years onto the life of your carpets. The cleaning solutions used in this process get deep into the fibers and remove the dirt, leaving your carpets in the pristine condition. Moreover, steam cleaning can also take out the dust mites and other allergens, giving you the cleanest area possible.

Carpet Repair:

If your carpet is damaged, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damages.  This is especially true if you have water damaged carpet. You can entrust damaged carpets to the professionals who can handle carpet repairs. These individuals are usually trained to fix different types of carpets in varying degrees of damage.

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