Carpet & Vinyl Repairs

Vinyl Repairs MelbourneBTM flooroworx can carry out all sorts of carpet repairs & vinyl repairs to get it back to it’s original state. We also re stretch carpet that in time have created bubbles or ripples in it caused all sorts of tripping hazards etc.


Carpet Repairs Melbourne

When it comes to carpet repairs Melbourne, it is vitally important to choose a company that can handle the job and do it right. Carpets get damaged in a number of different ways, ranging from rips and burns to general wear and tear. Sometimes, the carpet simply comes loose from the backing, usually after years of wear. When it does, it is necessary to stretch it out so that it can be tight against the backing and look the way it was supposed to look. This is a rather common problem with some types of carpet, especially if they have been installed in the home for a long time.

Fortunately, the carpet repairs process and even the stretching process is not as difficult as you might think. Carpets can frequently be repaired when they are ripped, almost to the point that the repair is virtually invisible. By the same token, any carpet that needs to be stretched can be repaired to look brand new, often in a very short amount of time.

Vinyl Repairs Melbourne

By the same token, many customers are in need of vinyl repairs. Vinyl is used in many homes and businesses, often because it is relatively easy to work with and it is also fairly durable. However, it is not immune to damage. One of the most common problems with vinyl flooring is that it can become cut by sharp heels or even by dropping something sharp onto the floor. Fortunately, the company can come out and repair this damage so that it is not noticeable to the naked eye. It also helps the vinyl continue to wear normally as opposed to allowing the problem to get bigger and bigger with each passing day.

Just like carpet, vinyl repairs Melbourne can sometimes become loose. This is not only unattractive, it presents a huge hazard because it is easy for someone to trip over it and fall. The vinyl can be stretched so that it is tight, making it look as though brand new vinyl has been installed. Typically, it is handled in much the same way as carpet. Professionals use specialized tools to stretch the vinyl out and then secure it to the baseboards. If necessary, they can always trim the excess vinyl at the edges. The point is, if you have carpet or vinyl that has been damaged or that simply needs to be restretched, it is time to call a reputable company to handle the problem right away.

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