Flooring Design Ideas For Small Spaces – Check Out!

Whether commercial floors or residential floor design, there’s one thing that can put even the interior designer in trouble the “Space”. Not every room offers you a million-dollar look, but with some creative tricks, you can get the most out of your small space. With careful use of colour, depth, orientation and plank width & […]

Should You Repair Your Carpet Or Replace? – Find Out!

Carpets are a beautiful addition to your home and your commercial space. They enhance the whole set up with its appeal. Commercial flooring also demands attention, cleaning and repairs due to high traffic and lack of cleaning. Over time, they lose their shine and texture due to stains, wear and tear, burns, poor cleaning, dirt […]

Is Vinyl Flooring Best For Your Commercial Space?

If you’re looking for commercial flooring in Melbourne, vinyl flooring is often the most recommended commercial flooring option for establishments like hotels, malls, theaters, schools and much more. Vinyl flooring is highly preferable for its attractive features like its durability & easy maintenance. Whether you love a solid wood floor look or natural stone look, […]

2022’s Best Commercial Flooring Options You Love

First impressions are the best impressions! Well, what are your commercial floors saying? Do they need any attention? The curb appeal plays a vital role in making a bold statement & welcoming the customers. If you’re ready to remodel your commercial flooring, now is the time. It’s good to give your flooring a fresh & […]

How To Know If Your Carpet Is Correctly Installed? – Find Out!

Love carpets? Are you planning for a carpet laying anytime soon? If so, then it makes sense to have it installed by professionals. Carpet installations are a tricky procedure. If you’re planning to install new carpets in your home, you must ensure that your huge investment is secured. You can get assistance from Carpet Installation […]

Types Of Carpet Repairs You Should Be Familiar With – Get To Know

Whether its office or house, carpet flooring is a big investment & one should be more careful in keeping them clean and safe to enjoy its longevity and appeal.  Unfortunately, if your carpet is damaged & requires repair service. So, it’s best to call the professionals for Carpet Repairs in Melbourne and get your carpets […]

Types Of Pet-Friendly Flooring Options You Should Know

When it comes to flooring options, you may have a brilliant number of choices. Whether commercial flooring or residential flooring, make sure you buy the right one that lives up to your expectations & budget. If you’re a pet lover and have furry friends at home, there are many pet-friendly flooring options in the market. […]

Most Durable Commercial Flooring Options For Business Facilities

When it comes to commercial flooring, they all face wear and tear with constant use, high traffic and poor maintenance. With commercial flooring Melbourne options available, you can choose the flooring that serves your purpose. You may be searching for flooring that impresses your potential clients and is easy-to-clean & safe & reliable. Regardless of […]

Hire The Experts To Save And Restore Your Water-Damaged Carpet

Most of us have experienced water leaks and realised the disastrous effect of the leakage. If not attended quickly, you should be dealing with a lot of consequences – damage to carpets, furniture as well as to the health of the occupants.  If water damage has taken its toll on your carpet, turn to the […]