Is Vinyl Flooring Best For Your Commercial Space?

If you’re looking for commercial flooring in Melbourne, vinyl flooring is often the most recommended commercial flooring option for establishments like hotels, malls, theaters, schools and much more. Vinyl flooring is highly preferable for its attractive features like its durability & easy maintenance. Whether you love a solid wood floor look or natural stone look, they can be designed to replicate a large number of different styles & you can get the desired aesthetic appeal at best price. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, vinyl flooring appeals to many commercial spaces.

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Design & Type

When it comes to vinyl flooring, you’ll have plenty of design options. Vinyl floors come in sheets, tiles and planks.  If you prefer vinyl sheets, they come in many layers with better moisture resistance. Vinyl tiles also make a great pattern on your floor area & create a more natural look. Vinyl planks look like hardwood planks and come in a wide range of lengths and widths.

Durability & Sensibility

If you’re on a budget, vinyl flooring is the cost-saving best option and they’re extremely durable. Moreover, they are resistant enough in areas of normal foot traffic. Vinyl tiles and planks are flexible to change certain areas of the floor without needing to renovate or replace the whole area. So, it makes a good option for busy offices.

Ease of maintenance and installation

The best part of vinyl flooring is its ease of cleaning. Vinyl flooring has resistance to liquid spills and drops. You can clean the floors using the mop and they won’t sink into the material or leave a stain. Dust and dirt can easily be cleaned from vinyl flooring too, which makes it ideal for areas that need to maintain high hygiene standards and cleanliness.

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