How To Select Flooring Materials For Your Office? Room By Room Guide

Your office flooring doesn’t have to look the same for years.  New floors will add a lot of vibes and look to your space.  For instance, if your  is losing its charm or functionality,  to keep them in shape. However, if you want to change the entire flooring, you will have to do a bit of research. When selecting commercial flooring for your office or any facility, both appeal and functionality should be your top considerations.  As each room has a different function, one flooring won’t work in all the areas.  The best way to make your flooring stand out and perform well, it’s wise to select flooring room by room and pick materials that align with your space, style, and budget.

Lobby And Reception Area

Your lobby and reception area is the first thing that your customers notice. So, it should make the best impression and be able to withstand the heavy foot traffic.  When you are selecting commercial flooring, make sure to keep your design and durability considerations in mind and pick the right material. The best office flooring in these areas could be, hardwood floors, , and terrazzo.

Office Cabins And Cafeteria

When it comes to your office, the office flooring must match your desired aesthetic, be noise-free and withstand high-level traffic.  The flooring you select must be durable, easy-to-maintain, and it should fit the maintenance costs. Floorings like vinyl tiles, laminate flooring, and flooring work the best in these areas.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms must exhibit a professional appeal. That’s why design should be your major concern than foot traffic. As the usage is limited and has less foot traffic, you can choose floorings like luxury carpet flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, and wood finishes to increase the charm.

Kitchen And Wash Room Areas

When it comes to your kitchen and washroom areas, slips, spills, cleanliness, and maintenance are all the things you need to consider. Kitchen or bathroom flooring should be easy-to-maintain and should be flexible for repairs. For instance, marble or granite flooring, quarry tiles, linoleum, and luxury vinyl tile would be the best bet for these areas.

These above recommendations are only a few  options that can work for your space. However, when you work with professionals like BTM Floorworx, you can get the best flooring for each distinctive area of your office. To discuss with our professionals, call BTM Floorworx on 130 0234 274 today.



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