How To Know If Your Carpet Is Correctly Installed? – Find Out!

Love carpets? Are you planning for a carpet laying anytime soon? If so, then it makes sense to have it installed by professionals. Carpet installations are a tricky procedure. If you’re planning to install new carpets in your home, you must ensure that your huge investment is secured. You can get assistance from Carpet Installation Melbourne services. Depending on various aspects, carpet installation can be messy on areas like staircases & in rooms where the carpet transitions to other types of flooring. Whether you had fresh carpets installed or bought new carpets for your home, it’s crucial to know the few aspects to ensure that the carpet installation is perfectly done.

Loose Or Frayed Edges

It’s good to see a seamless and smooth-looking carpet perfectly laid on your floor. You need to check the areas where the carpet meets the baseboards, corners and staircases. If the edges are loose or frayed up, then know that the carpet was not installed the way it should be. To prevent the loose edges, the carpet installers tuck in the carpets, use adhesives to secure the borders, fix the edges with tacks, so that they stay in place and offer a uniform look.

Wrinkles & Folds

When your carpet has wrinkles or folds, it’s another sign that your carpet installation is poor. Generally, the carpet installer would stretch the carpets to ensure that it is wrinkle-free and lay them on the floor.  If it has fallen victim to wrinkles and folds, you need to re stretch them to restore its beauty and fix the buckling. Sometimes, humidity, moisture, dragging heavy furniture on the carpets also make them buckle.

Buckles & Divets

Is your carpet surface neat and uniform? Or showing hills and buckled up corners? When the carpet installation is not proper, you can view the surface is buckled up, leaving an unappealing look. Also, sometimes when the floor is warped or having an issue or the carpet padding itself is an issue, it will show up on the surface.

Your carpet is a big investment & it has to be installed by professional installers like BTM Floorworx. For professional carpet installations in Melbourne, give us a call on 1300 234 274 today.

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