Flooring Design Ideas For Small Spaces – Check Out!

Whether commercial floors or residential floor design, there’s one thing that can put even the interior designer in trouble the “Space”. Not every room offers you a million-dollar look, but with some creative tricks, you can get the most out of your small space. With careful use of colour, depth, orientation and plank width & finish, you achieve a big look even in the tiny confines of your house. So, let’s understand how it works.

Be Colour Conscious

The colour you pick can make a difference to how big or small your space looks. Neutral or light coloured floors can create the illusion of being more expansive and free. If you love the look of natural hardwood floors, you can pair them with neutral or warm wall shade to create a subtle look.

Be Picky About length Width & Orientation

If you’re planning to instant hardwood planks, make sure to go for wide planks that can make your small room look less crowded, visually artistic & all the more luxe. When it comes to length, both short and longboards can work the way you want. However, longboards with a uniform look will offer a sleek look. Also, a little trick between plank width & dimension can make the room more spacious. When you place the hardwood planks parallel to the wall, it can dramatically create the small space look more expansive.

Select The High-Quality Finish

When choosing the right finish for wood flooring in a small room, choose a warm, subtle and natural matte that looks perfect for a small space.

Use Vertical Space

If you keep the floor space empty and neat, you can have a clutter-free look. You can use walls with shelves, cupboards & wall coverings and minimal décor elements to create a subtle look.

Keep Your Space Clutter-free

When you have a small room, it’s good to keep things organised rather than cluttered. By staying minimal, your tiny space can look more spacious.

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